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About Us

Board of Directors
John A. Ashmore Shane Clayton
Julie L. Henry Robert W. McDonald, III
Buddy R. Montgomery, Chairman Larry Russell, Secretary
Michael Simon Charles D. Thomas
President Senior Executive Vice President
Buddy R. Montgomery, CEO Larry Russell, Loan Administration
Executive Vice Presidents Assistant Vice Presidents
Julie Henry, Cashier Patsy Maffett, Personnel
Shane Clayton, Senior Credit Officer Jane Andrews, Loan Operations
  Mary Dean Cummings, Operations
Vice Presidents Barbara Niemczyk, IRA/CD Specialist
Bonnie Litton, Customer Service Coordinator Becki Cummings, Deposit Compliance/BSA
Buffie Butler, Loans and Marketing Monitor Officer
Lindsay Jones, Loans, MLO #584017 Wesley Morgan, Loans, MLO #584004
Brooks Corder, Loans
Greg Baker, Loans
Becky Kidd, Customer Service Coordinator
Jim Williams, Collector
Mark Stegall, Financial Analyst & CPA
Michelle Rodgers, Data Processing

Internal Auditor
Linda Adams  
Assistant Cashiers
Rob Chittom, Loans, MLO #818161
Corey Wages, Loans, MLO#1008209
Susi Gregory, Loan Compliance/CRA Officer  

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